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DROMOS 003 Thollem Mcdonas & John Dieterich - All for now

Dromos Records proudly announces the release of All for now by Thollem McDonas (Piano, Voice) and John Dieterich (Guitar).
Celebrating their first public collaboration, All for now is one of those special moments, when the empathy and complicity between two players emerges into something far wider, complex, and profound than the simple circumstance of their encounter.
In fact, as they play along, one wonders how did they have achieve such maturity in their first work together, evoking both their idiosyncratic inner voice and years of tradition in the lineage of free thinking and free playing.
The artwork of consists of 200 different original hand printed linoleum cuts
on old salvaged photos by visual artist and filmmaker Martha Colburn, specially done for the occasion.

edition of 200 copies on orange cd-R.
all music by Thollem McDonas and John Dieterich
all artwork by Martha Colburn
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All orders are shipped via Regular Portuguese Mail. If you wish to have your items delievered to you through a different way, please send us an enquiry to  dromosrecords[@]gmail[.]com before ordering or visit for more info & other releases

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