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dromos013 Sebastian Lexer & Grundik Kasyansky - The Fog

Recorded a couple of years ago at the INTERLACE concert series at Goldsmiths College in London, The Fog is a great showcae of Lexer's and Kasyansky's duo performances.
Albeit a short piece, it doesn't lack in intensity nor inventiveness, in fact, it's a very rich and dynamic performance.
Grundik's tape manipulations and electronics reveal a detailed attention to the placing and harmony of sounds,while also creating a tapestry of textures throughout, often foccused on the extremities of the frequency spectrum.
Add to this, Lexer's self-developed software and electroacoustic system, piano+, responsible for  manipulating the piano's resonant properties as well as accentuating it's percutive elements, allied with massive low end tones and metallic scraping sounds.
Through the interwining of their languages, the pair of musicians, develop a structure that seems to be made up of moments, be them long or shot ,extremely loud or very silent, that apparently build up to a climax that never occurs.
Thus creating a dense labyrinth of sound, so that one feels to be amidst of a thick and icy fog.

The artwork was done by portuguese artist Ana Martins, made up of 150 different compositions of dyed virgin wool secluded inside boxes of sculpted glass each with a different drawing made on it.

CD Info:
Cd comes in a limited edition of 150 copies 
All music by Sebastian Lexer & Grundik Kasyansky 
All artwork by Ana Martins

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